December 2009

Flight of the Conchords

Now Flight of the Concords, they need no introduction. They are pretty famous all over the world or at least have quite a decent fan following in many parts. When they started out in New Zealand, Flight of the Concords consisted of two comedians/musicians - Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement. While they have a flair for coming up with songs containing quirky lyrics, it's the way they put together their acts that really catch our attention. This usually meant that the good folks would be pay tribute to pop culture whilst creating a song that made a social situation rather awkward. Or at least, highlighted how weird our daily lives where by penning a song about a seemingly mundane act. Think of the Pet Shop boy tribute in Inner City Pressure.


If you like science fiction shows with a bit of action and plenty of suspense, do check out Paradox. This is a brand new British show that mixes in plenty of police drama/action with scifi elements. These latter bits are actually toned down, possibly being built up for a big revelation towards the end of the show/season.

Fun Japanese Songs and Shows

We've all heard of the weird and wonderful Japanese shows out there. Variety shows, sketch shows, exceptionally weird game shows. Well, within this list of utterly bizarre shows, you are bound to find a few interesting ones. Take the following for example. I have come across these videos, in one form or another, during the past few months. And when I finally learnt more about this, it was more of a 'I must have more' moment. You know, as opposed to passing around a funny link with a note saying, 'check out another wtf moment of the day'.