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Ads that make you smile

I usually hate adverts (especially that horrible Monster Night advert on horror movie channels). That's also because the ones on television are some of the worst (read: cringe-worthy) ads gathered from the face of the earth. Well, that's not really true; some countries come up with really excellent adverts. Perhaps it is the gap between our cultures that highlight the creativity within these ads. Or (and I am with this one) some people just make really good ads.

Be true to yourself

Ah, so many countries could learn a thing or two from this ad. This Norwegian ad is a public service ad aimed at young gay folk. The overall message is reassuring them, telling them they no longer have to be afraid. It certainly is a touching ad. Messages like this will certainly help young folk as they go through difficult times. It is quite sad that despite how far we have come in all sorts of social progress and development, certain basic human rights are still being ignored? And of course, somewhere out there, someone will be getting really offended by this ad and fervently clicking the 'report abuse' button.



At least they weren't twittering

Not that I have something against Twitter. In fact, some of my best friends are Twitterers. Alright, so that was a bad joke. But I am quite sure that any new ads will refer to the microblogging site in the future. For now, this Macedonian ad is talking about cheap/free smses. As one of the comments noted on the Youtube site, it was interesting to find a non-offensive reference to nuns. It is in fact quite refreshing to see technological devices being used by every segment of the population. However, I do fear that there is going to be an easy-to-offend person out there who choked on their early morning coffee when they saw this ad. Lighten up, this was funny and really well-done.


HDTV = Yes

Okay, I am guessing this will ruffle quite a few feathers. On the other hand, I am probably way off on my bets; it is probably the least offensive looking ad that will bring out the pitchforks and cricket bats. This ad is from Israel and the good folks who made this seems to have a quirky sense of humor. Follow this link for a full translation of the ad. As you might have guessed, it's about HDTV and how it is now available/allowed in Israel. I am guessing it's the further rather than the latter.


Move out while you can

Speaking of pitchforks, check out this ad. They could have locked the front door, you know. But nooo! Well, catch a glimpse of this slightly disturbing ad from Norway. Poor kid comes home to find Mom and Dad trying out a bit of role-playing. Which in itself is not bad; the mask and devil impersonation might have been a tad on the loopy side. That kid is going to wonder about all the supposed Halloween costumes around the house now. Do what the ad says, kiddo. It's time to move.


Bird and bees never did this

I suppose if this was a single Dad it might have been a porn mag instead of Kama Sutra. If the guy is really unlucky, the kid will probably blurt it all out during the next big family get-together. The ad is really about family dinners and the ease with which you can whip up a meal. I must say, the guy in the ad was the funniest part of the ad; his frenzied movements combined with poker faced replies helped deliver the whole joke.