September 2012

Review: ‘Sherlock’ Season 2

It just keeps getting better and better.

Being as how I don’t have a proper television connection, I rely on Netflix for most of my TV exposure.  Early this year someone convinced me to take a shot at watching Steven Moffat’s non-Doctor Who project, Sherlock.  When I heard the premise (Sherlock Holmes in the present?) I was a bit skeptical.  They’ve tried to update shows and movies before and it usually just turns into one giant mess.  Not to mention that I hate crime-dramas with a passion.  With Sherlock, however, Moffat has created something truly amazing.

Review: Strigoi (2009)

A British-Romanian vampire film that’s way too convoluted for its own good

My latest watch was a happenstance film chosen from Netflix (yet again).  I like to see what foreign films have to offer in the way of vampire stories, so when I saw Strigoi, a Romanian-based vampire tale, I had to give it a chance.  It’s a Romanian film, shot in Romania with Romanian actors, but it was put together by a British company, so the film is all done in English.  As it turns out, the ease of understanding the language did nothing to help with understanding the point of the film.  In fact, I’m beginning to wonder if there was a point to this movie at all.