January 2011

Idiots Fighting Bulls

Another web video of a thinking challenged person fighting a bull. Bullfighting is animal cruelty and torture, I have no empathy for those who say: Oh, it's part of our culture. Human sacrifice once was apart of many brutal cultures, and so were dozens of things that people in the twenty first century do not do.

And so when one of these videos appear showing some dolt or more dolts, the more the better, getting the worst of it in their encounters with a bull, my reaction is: Good for the bull!. Of course there is no joy is seeing a human being tossed around, stomped on, dragged, have the fear of God scared out of him by an avenging bull. These videos have no entertainment value, but I do hope that they will have an educational value.

The Bulls' Revenge: 48 Idiots

The Score: Bulls 48, Zero Humans, 0.

Some people are just out of their minds loco sick. They find amusement in the torturing of innocent animals. These are dumb human jackasses, who somehow think that bullfighting is a manly sport..

Item from the Associated Press --"Forty eight people have been injured by bulls during a week long bullfighting festival in Colombia. Warning: Graphic video." See the video.