February 2010

Funny Indian Fantasy Flicks


It's been a while since I made a list of must-watch Indian flicks. So I put together a list of weird and wonderful fantasy movies. I figured that it would be interesting to discover what type of stories about myth and magic would pop up from this part of the world. Well, a lot of what I found (ones based on mythology) was fascinating. But then there were the others, the stranger ones that defied any form of explanation. Check out these two gems.


Alright, so it is a tad unfair to pick on this one. It is a fairly old movie of the legendary Amitabh Bachchan. It probably dates back to the time when the guy could not afford to be as picky about his roles. And admittedly, the story was not bad.

More Ads from Around the World


Controversial topics are the best ways to get someone's attention. At least that's what marketing and advertising companies seem to think. They aren't wrong about this though. Unless you come up with some really creative visuals (look, I'm on a horse!), chances are folks will forget about your product. Let's not even mention those unfortunate ads that we all fast forward; doesn't matter how well-done it is, we want to know if John Shepard from SG Atlantis does snuff the life out of the evil wraith! Well, I came across a few quirky foreign ads that will …. linger in your mind. A lot of them are a bit 'in your face', others are slightly out there. You've been warned.

Big Man Japan

Big Man Japan or Dainihonjin had made headlines last year where everyone raved a bit about its quirky trailers. It was supposed to be a comical take on the whole superhero lifestyle. Well, I was finally able to watch this movie and I must say it was well worth the wait.

This movie is a bizarre little presentation of the daily life of a Japanese superhero. The man is a bit of a has-been. His family life has fallen apart. The local folks don't really like him. In fact, everyone is rather annoyed at the amount of damages done to the area after every monster fight. And let's not get started on monetary issues …

Basically, it is the portrayal of the less glamorous side of such a figure. Sure Bruce Wayne has his mansion and Clark Kent has … a well paying job but is that really how it works?