November 2009

Mouth to Mouth


Some British comedy shows get a lot of publicity, some arrive with a quiet bang. Mouth to Mouth belongs to the second category. At first glance, it comes across as your average sitcom with a few good laughs and a tried-it-before-but-still-cool narration style. But hang in there, first impressions are deceptive. Once you get into the second episode, you'll realize that there is show is indeed a cut above the rest. Mouth to Mouth is a 2009 British comedy show written by Karl Minns and directed by Craig Young. It stars a number of young talent, most of whom are up-and-coming stars.

Photo Source: The Lucky Monkey Principle

Sokurov's "Russian Ark"

Some films are more ambitious than others and it's difficult to toe the line between an impressive feat and a gaudy spectacle. Alexander Sukorov's 2002 masterpiece Russkiy Kovcheg (Russian Ark) is a singular work of cinematic beauty that balances its near-Rococo sense of imperial splendor with an eye for vibrant humanity and a dreamlike sensibility.

Top Indian Villains: The Bad, the Sleazy and The Freaky Fiends

I came across a few 'Scariest Bad Guys from Hindi Movies' lists and I must admit I was quite disappointed. Sure, there were a few names that I expected to find there. On the other hand, some of them were younger snazzy-looking folk who couldn't scare anyone unless they wore a Barney outfit and threatened to sing cutesy songs. What happened to the big, the bad and the dastardly? The ones who could freak you out with just one glare? Or at the very most, give you a character worth rooting for? Well, I've put together a small list of my favorites, ones who made stellar villains in almost all of their flicks.