October 2009

Another List of British Comedians

Did you notice that Ricky Gervais - ah yes, the man otherwise known as Mr David Brent - is hosting the Emmy Awards? Given that he is an excellent comedian, I am not surprised that they chose Gervais. Well, I also noticed that there is a bit of interest in British comedians, an interest that is probably influenced by the introduction of a few new faces into the Hollywood scene (think Simon Pegg, Russell Brand, etc.). So I figured, maybe more folks would like to know more about the various British comedian out there. Hence I came up with a list of my recent favorites:

Funny Gadget Ads

I am guessing a lot of folks – or a significant amount anyway- are having Win 7 Launch parties. That's to to mark the release of the latest Windows OS. If you are wondering what I am going on about, check out their horrid advert here. Well, in keeping with the idea of bizarre/funny ad about technology and gadgets, I put together a list of such ads from various countries.  

African Flicks Worth Checking Out


With recent cross-border collaborations in the movie industries, there has been a revival of interest in foreign flicks. Or at least, an interest in various stories inspired by/set abroad. Well, I would like to think that more folks are looking across borders for new ideas. After all everyone must be somewhat tired of that ugly R-word - remakes. So, after being inspired by the South Africa-based Sci-fi thriller, D-9, I decided to put together a list of movies made in Africa. Some of them are not made entirely by the movie industry of the said African country; a lot of them are joint collaborations involving European countries.