July 2009

Quirky ads from abroad

Well, what do you have here? I found another bunch of funny foreign adverts. Some of them are quite popular and probably have been seen worldwide. At the very least, one or more must have won a few awards in its time. From quirky looks at the transport system to cosplay for home improvement, here is the list.

Brass Eye

I recently had the opportunity to watch Paedogeddon, the extra-long, one-off comeback special of an unbelievably funny British series called Brass Eye. The special focuses on the panicky approach of news media to the issue of paedophilia. It wasn't until I had finished watching that I found out it ran back in 2001, with the original series airing in 1997. From its style and the intensity of its satire, I would have pegged Paedogeddon as being made, at the very oldest, in 2007.

Aside from the rapid-fire jokes and deadpan delivery, what makes Paedogeddon so amazing is how effectively it parrots the increasingly needless flash of cable news networks. Overblown graphics bombard the screen in front of a faux high-tech set full of people being directed to look busy.

Hiindi movies about Colonial Rule

If someone asked you to name one of the most prominent movies about Indian independence, wouldn't Gandhi be the first name on your lips? Well, I should hope so, otherwise I will feel horribly old. Has there been anything else that personifies their struggle better than the epic biography about that famous leader? Now what if you wished to dive in a little bit more into this topic? What if you wanted to see a few more movies about colonial life in India or, at least, flicks about the good fight for independence and justice? It could very well be your thing; I like zombie movies, who am I to judge?

Vampires who don't sparkle

Like all other cultural portrayals of mythical creatures, vampires also face misrepresentation. Or at least they are at risk of becoming caricatures or hollow objects thrown in just for effect. I suppose the real underdog here are zombies; people hardly ever dedicate a movie from their point of view. Well, I wanted to list my three favorite vampires from an anime series. These guys give me hope that the blood-sucking undead can evolve and grow to be interesting contributions to any given show. Other than, you know, being a useless prop whose sole purpose is to jump up and bite an artery.

Bollywood goes Hollywood

We've seen foreign adaptations of Western novels and movies. Some of them like Satte Pe Satta (heavily inspired by Seven Brides for Seven Brothers) actually do a good job crossing that cultural border. Then there are the misses, those creative renditions that just make you cringe and laugh ... at the same time. So what's on the list?

1. Someone grab the Kryptonite