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Who needs a BFF reality show?

First things first. This list is a collection of old hindhi songs about friendship. Thing is, given the quirky movie styles of the 70s and 80s, most of these songs are unintentionally funny. And this is coming from someone who can understand the language.

1. Prince and Pauper

This little number is from a movie called Dharam Veer. It's a classic in its own right, probably due to the extensive sword fighting. At least that was the reason why I used to be a fan of the movie. Well, this song is about the ever-lasting friendship between a prince and a warrior. The Fellowship of the Ring is nothing compared to the bond between these two; heck, they are even calling it the 8th wonder of the world. So, in the course of the song, they fend off some dodgy folk, harass an evil princess and hook up with the queen who decides the warrior is a-ok to pal around with her son.

On a side note, these two must be confident of their fighting prowess. Otherwise they wouldn't be so reckless as to heckle the princess, whilst hitching a ride on her own carriage too! Whatever happened to the good old days of “Off with the deviant's head”? I was going to comment on the lack of extra guards but seeing as her carriage was a tad lopsided, I think budget cuts in the kingdom hit her first. And apparently looting and plundering is not what it used to be in the warrior professions otherwise there is no other feasible reason to make that man's tunics so short. I mean he could have worn some leggings ....

Click here for the video (no subtitles).

2. Didn't look like the most studious ones in class

At the point of sounding rather defensive, I must first point out that this is a good song. A really good song, sung by great singers. It's just that it has been acted out in a most unfortunate manner. As it is, anyone without prior knowledge of the song or language will wonder if this whole song is about the engagement of those two characters going overboard trying to lip-sync to that song. For the sake of clarity, let me point out that they are talking about friendship. And graduation (yes, it is in fact sung in front of their school peers). However, I can understand how the lyrics can easily be misinterpreted. After all, that rather ambiguous reference to the “nights of questions” might not be about late night study groups. This is a commencement speech-duet that must have left the head master squirming in his seat.

Click here to watch the video (no subtitles).

3. Something very Lion King about this one

This is another famous classic. The point of the song is that it reunites long lost brothers. Once upon a time it was sung by the mother to their kids. Now, years later, they know each other simply because of that one rather telling song. Yes, who needs Facebook to keep in touch with family when you have a handy lullaby. If you think about it, it was incredible foresight on her side; most parents provide easy-to-lose signs like stitching your name and address on a hanky or jacket label.

By the way, in case anyone is wondering, the guy in the dark attire had an evil plan against one or the other. Of course, he didn't count on them being his long-lost brothers. So much for that evil plan. On a side note, I can't decide if it is an extremely posh hotel or a rather seedy one. On the one hand, the audience is incredibly polite as to avoid staring at some bloke from their side jumping in to sing with the guy on stage and then dashing off hugging the singer. On the other hand, the service in the place must be atrocious if no one noticed a bereaved man groping a pillar amidst a flood of tears.

Click here to watch the video.